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About Us

The Benham Group is an International Civil Engineering and Infrastructural Development Company with a strong presence in Africa and the Middle East. We undertake building and civil engineering projects, construction and consultancy services.

The Benham Group has many years experience in managing projects of varying scopes, complexity and technical sophistication in many parts of the world. We are a leading engineering and environmental services company changing the lives of many and enhancing the quality of the environment we live in. We provide a wide range of engineering solutions to a variety of industries, ranging from the oil and gas industry, private and public institutions and to other various sectors of the economy.

We offer power generating technologies, solar plant technologies, renewable energy systems and wind turbines. Benham has partnered with several energy groups all across the globe to develop scalable solar power plants and wind technologies that can generate up to 500 MW or more of electricity.

Benham specializes in building and rehabilitation of new and existing infrastructure. We have a line of new housing and road concepts available to the market. These component construction systems and technologies are available for sale and use to the new and emerging market.  These are cheap and affordable to the developing countries that have budget and financial constraints.

We have new road construction technologies that saves up to 60% of your construction costs.

Our financial division specializes in development and implementation of specialized funding models and programs that meets the needs of individual client’s financial requirements. We can access and provide funding for capital projects, infrastructure development and private public partnerships. We trade in various commodities, Crude Oil, Gold, Diamond and other Precious commodities. We buy and sell heavy duty equipments for the power and construction industry.

The Benham Group brings together divergent skills to successfully execute complicated projects. Our strength lies in the groups ability to harness the resources of our various global partners to deliver high quality structures in earthworks, building, civil engineering road networks and water schemes.

From time to time, we will be featuring different Partners on our website. Promoting our Partners allows you to experience the company that we keep. Come visit us often, click on Partners and discover the opportunities to participate with us.

Quality matters….